The Roblox Hack

Free Robux for Complete Game Domination

For a long time, it has been hard to get robux for free. There’s a lot of fake methods and websites out there that are either outdated or just never worked. We looked for a way to get them for free years ago, and we never found something that actually worked. Therefore we developed our own robux generator, that allowed us to generate a bunch of robux at no cost. We were very proud of this Roblox hack and kept it private for months. We had never planned to release it to the public. We knew that if we released it to the public we would have to work a lot harder to constantly maintain the tool so that it wouldn’t get patched. So we enjoyed our robux hack, and awesome gear and the special abilities that the robux allowed us to obtain. It was fun flashing our in-game wealth and having an advantage in the game with our special abilities. We wanted to keep it private forever, but one day we decided to release it to the public. It was after we had seen people ask “How to get free robux?” on various forums and YouTube videos. We decided it was our time to help, and this is when went online. It’s now been up for quite some time, and it has had thousands of daily users for months. We’re truly proud of this tool and constantly update it to meet your needs.

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How To Get Free Robux

  1. Click the button at the top of this page.
  2. Enter your username and select the device you’re using.
  3. Select the number of resources you desire.
  4. Generate the resources.
  5. Verify that you are human.

As seen above, the free robux hack is easy to use, and you’ll end up with your resources after 5 simple steps. The average user completes all these steps in 4.3 minutes. That’s the shortest time by far when compared to other robux generators out there. The ability to give you the robux within such a short time frame is all possible thanks to hundreds of hours of time going into the development of the tool. We always had the ease of use in mind. Our second priority is speed. We find it very important that the tool is super fast and easy to use. We know that gamers want to play the game, and not waste their time with a Roblox hack.

We’re very proud of the fact that this generator can be used on all devices, and that it is so easy to use, and that it gives you the resources within such a short timeframe. This has led to us focusing more and more on constantly making sure that the tool works.

Igreen robuxt’s no secret that the Roblox developers have started focusing on fighting against our tool as it’s quite so popular these days. This means that we have to move fast as developers and dedicate a lot more time to the project because we are in reality fighting against the Roblox developer team.

Note that our tool used to give you resources within a 2-minute timeframe, but sadly the tool was so easy to use that bots were developed to generate resources and then resell them on various forums. This caused a lot of problems to our Roblox hack, as they would regularly hog all the server resources which led to the website going down multiple times a day. This meant that our actual users couldn’t get their resources, and someone else was profiting on reselling something that we provided at no cost. We had to come up with a way to fix this. We tried multiple ways. We tried implementing CAPTCHAs and other ways to quickly verify that you are human. These methods worked for a couple of days, and then the bots had figured it out, and our site was swamped again. We were running out of ideas, but decided to implement something that we had initially not planned to implement. We implemented a more in-depth and timeconsuming human verification process. This process basically means that you have to complete a short offer to verify that you are indeed human. This method has worked wonders in terms of getting rid of bots, but it has also doubled the time that it takes for you to get your free robux. However, know that the human verification procedure is the only reason that this tool is still live. Had we not implemented this, then we wouldn’t be able to win over the bots, and they would hog all the resources so that you couldn’t get any.

Now with the implementation of the human verification step, you’ll find that our servers are lightning fast and that you can actually get your resources with our Roblox robux generator. Please realize this before dropping us a message complaining about the human verification step. We know it can be a bit annoying at times, but it’s mandatory for keeping this tool live.

Why do I even need robux?

If you want to be a Roblox player that’s being taken seriously, you’re going to need to invest at least a couple hundreds of dollars in the game. Robux can buy you a lot of cool stuff. You can also buy some upgrades and perks that give you a game advantage, but compared to other games, you’re not going to get insane perks from just paying. However, the equipment you can buy is awesome, and it will surely make the other players jealous. Just try buying the most expensive equipment yourself, walking down the roads, and seeing peoples reaction. It’s pretty funny. I once had a ton of people add me and stalk me just because I entered a popular area with my new fancy gold hat. That was a fun time. Alright, so here are some of the things you can buy with robux:

  • Fabulous looking gear that will make other players jealous.
  • Special abilities that you can use in multiplayer battles for an advantage.
  • Create clans, groups and upload thumbnails for your places.

These are only some of the perks you can buy with free robux. There are tons more, but you’ll have to figure those out yourself. Also, note that all items you purchase can be sold and traded to other players.

We truly believe that everyone should have the right to clean clans and groups without having to pay real money. This is also one of the main reasons we released the Roblox hack to the public.

The Robux Generator is Safe & Free to use

more robuxAs of writing this no one has had their account banned for using this generator. This is pretty astonishing when we’ve had thousands of users use our tool daily for months. This is something that we strive to keep at 0. We do not want to be the reason why someone gets their account banned. Know that we use the Roblox cheats on our own accounts and we’ve literally spent thousands of hours on these accounts. Therefore were highly motivated to keep the tool undetected and thereby safe to use. We are certain that it’s because of us stealthing the requests to Roblox’s servers and the fact that we drip-feed the resources to your accounts. These two things combined are very powerful. With these two things in place it just looks like people are buying the robux developers’ end.

What is Roblox all about?

Roblox, a game available since 2005, has surpassed the long-reigning online game for kids, Minecraft. Roblox boasts 56 million monthly players – one million more than Minecraft’s 55. Upon first glance, the game looks similar to Minecraft – it’s underdeveloped, shapes are blocky instead of pseudo-real figures most games strive for – but there seems to be a world of difference between Roblox and Minecraft.

For starters, Roblox is less like a game and more like a platform, (almost like an app store). To play, you create an avatar and can play thousands of games or if you choose to, create your own and sell it for Robux. You can exchange your Robux for real cash in the developer exchange. There is a monthly exchange limit of 1.5 million dollars, which may be reached by a developer sometime shortly. Roblox has said it’s on track to pay out 30 million dollars this year, with one young developer raking in three million dollars. Two others are expected to bring in two million each.


Play Jailbreak, the Most Popular Game

The most popular game on the Roblox platform, Jailbreak, is, according to Roblox’s blog, “A roleplaying game where inmates escape from a prison and run from the police. Once an inmate escapes, they can explore the city, go for a drive in the desert, rob a bank, or invent a whole new way to play.” The game’s creators are eighteen and twenty-two years old. According to Business Insider, both have already made enough money to finance their entire college education.

Roblox Teaches Kids Real Programming Skills

Like Minecraft, both sites can teach kids the beginnings of programming. Whereas Minecraft teaches skills more akin to a system administrator, using command line to manage servers and privileges, Roblox teaches kids real programming. Programming can be utilized by kids that want to be future developers and programmers, but also by future doctors, lawyer, teachers, scientists and any profession that requires software knowledge. Computer programming has been said to be the language of the future. Jailbreak creators, Alex Balfanz and Andrew Bereza, had to write 16,000 lines of code to make their best-selling game which has had 75,000 concurrent players, a Roblox record.

Parent Concerns

Roblox has been scrutinized by parent’s since it is innately a social network. The company says it gives players, “A safe, moderated place to meet, play, chat, and collaborate on creative projects.” Roblox is on the board of the Family Online Safety Institute, “a nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to ensuring the safety of children on the Internet.” ConnectSafely, another nonprofit, put out a guide of tips for parents about the game. The guide explains the game, but also encourages parents to watch their kids as they play and instructs them on how to utilize the platform’s blocking feature to restrict contact from specific users.

About the Roblox Company

Roblox is a private company founded by David Baszucki, the current chief executive officer, and director of the company. Baszucki was a General Motors scholar in electrical engineering at Stanford before going on to be a product manager and electrical designer. He then starting his own company, Knowledge Revolution in 1989. Eventually, the company was acquired by MSC Software, where he later served as vice president and general manager of the Working Knowledge Division.

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Roblox Company Growth

In May 2017, Roblox announced it raised 92 million in venture capital funding. Baszucki says the money will go to “high-quality hiring, product development, strengthening the balance sheet, and bringing in a couple of great partners.” At this point, he says the company is growing at three times a year. While impressive, it still pales in comparison to Microsoft’s 2.5 billion dollar acquisition of Minecraft.  This made its enigmatic founder, Markus Persson, a billionaire.

Roblox Toys

Roblox has launched a line of toys exclusively available at Walmart just in time for the holiday season. The range of toys, created by Jazwares, features 40 action figures that can be customized. The company also signed a licensing deal with Bioworld to “Release branded apparel in stores across North America. The all-ages apparel line includes shirts and sweatshirts featuring the Roblox logo and characters, and is available at US Kohl’s stores”, according to Minecraft utilized a similar strategy for generating revenue, but Roblox seems more committed to making sure developers get a piece of the pie.

Roblox Faults

The platform does have its faults. It’s been plagued by scams, targeting children with promises of free Robux, the platform’s digital currency. These scams can cause a player to lose all or some of their Robux. Another problem on the platform is inappropriate content. Some say it is more prevalent than in other similar online communities for its young player age group. There are multiple accounts of young children receiving messages, seemingly with the intent of luring the children to pedophile’s homes, as reported in the Daily Mail. An Echo-News report disclosed that many children said that they had an online friend that their parents were unaware of and that, “Many of the children stated they had received many in-game messages from ‘strangers’ and that they hadn’t told their parents. All of the children then stated that they had seen ‘naked’ characters walking around the game and that the characters were doing very adult things.”

Roblox Allows Creativity, But Parents Should Be Aware

This has understandably led to a call by multiple parent’s groups for parents to monitor their children’s usage of the game. These sort of problems don’t plague games like Minecraft as much, as it’s primarily a solo game.  But Roblox has benefits that distinguish it from Minecraft that makes it so popular among kids, some of which even parents can agree are good. While it’s possible to earn money through Minecraft from setting up a server, entrepreneurship is practically built into the Roblox platform. The game boasts 1.6 million developers, teaching kids valuable skills like coding, communication, teamwork and digital modeling. The key to Roblox’s success seems to be allowing kids creativity to flourish, but some of the negative aspects of the platform may want to have parent’s take a second look about what their kids are doing online.