getting better as a player

5 Tips On How To Become A Better Roblox Player

If you’re just beginning your journey into the beautiful world of Roblox, it can come with a bit of a learning curve. It is a world within worlds. It’s easy to think of Roblox as a platform than just one game. It’s more like an app store than only one app. The game allows you to enter worlds and play games that involve everything from making pizza to breaking out of jail to going to school, and the best way to get the hang of it is to get started. You can get started playing for free on anything from a Mac, PC, iPhone, Android or even an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset. Here are some tips to make you a better Roblox player.

  1. Connect with friends

Roblox is innately a social network. Games are played concurrently in groups, some with as many as 75,000 users playing simultaneously. Many say the best part of the platform is playing with their friends. While you should connect with your friends on Roblox to play games in different worlds together, be careful about interacting with strangers. Roblox does have a problem with the spread of inappropriate content and messages on its site. It’s essential to follow safe internet usage procedures on Roblox as you would anywhere else. Roblox does allow users to block and report other players.

  1. Try your hand at developing

Part of what makes Roblox so great is that not only can you go into other worlds, but you can build entire different worlds too. Roblox allows you to develop worlds on your own. The platform boasts 1.6 million developers already out of it’s 56 million monthly users. If that’s not enough incentive, some developers rake in big. Roblox has said that this year it plans to pay out thirty million dollars out to developers. As a developer, you can create a game, gear or clothes, and players can buy it for Roblox. You, as the developer, get 18% of that Robux. Once you earn up to 100,000 Robux, you can exchange it through the Developer Exchange. Roblox exchanges Robux at a rate of 100,000 Robux for $350. Some developers have made millions of dollars through this. One developer raked in three million. Two rakes in two million apiece. You can also create gear and clothes, but to access the Development features of Roblox, you’ll need to buy some Robux.

  1. Make some Robux

Robux is Roblox’s digital currency. It’s how you pay for things such as games, special abilities, clothes, and gear. If you start developing and selling, it’s what you’ll be paid in. Roblox allows you to play their game for free. There are many great things that you can do in the free version. You can still create your avatar and explore thousands of worlds, but if you want to get better, you’re going to need to get some Robux. Certain clubs like the Builder’s Club pay out a daily stipend of Robux. Many retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon sell Robux cards in a variety of denominations. You can also use our method of getting robux.


  1. Read the Roblox blog

Roblox keeps a very informative blog on their website. They post in-depth posts about new popular games like Restaurant Tycoon. They explain decisions such as the elimination of the game’s former other currency, called Tickets. The Roblox blog even details new features of the game like added materials such as glass. If you want to get better at the game, it’s essential to check out the blog to get a sense of what’s new and happening. You can also read through older posts to learn about past Roblox issues and features.

  1. Check in with the Fandom

With so many users, it makes sense that Roblox has such an involved and engaged fandom. Roblox wiki can give you advice and tutorials about how to do the most basic activities in the game, such as walking, to the most advanced things like creating your own game. Roblox fans are involved which makes sense since many of them are also building parts of the platform themselves.

It’s relatively easy to discover how to make or do anything on the Roblox platform just by looking. This is what makes the game so accessible- the unlimited access to whole worlds and the ability to truly explore one’s creativity.  It’s what makes Roblox one of the most popular games and will probably make it one for a long time coming. It’s also important to be careful on the platform. Many scams promise free Robux but will end up taking all or some of users Robux. With that in mind, log on and get playing.