Freerobuxguide.com is a smart and easy to use tool for Roblox. It is developed by Adrian from the Netherlands. He has been playing Roblox himself on and off for the past 6 years. Throughout the years he has spent hundreds of dollars on robux. This money adds up, and he got tired that he had to pay to win in the game. Therefore he researched to see if there was a way to get these resources for free. He did not find any solutions, and therefore he decided to code it himself. At that time he was studying game tech at a university in the Netherlands. Therefore he had the experience, and he believed he can make it happen. After countless cups of coffee and a bunch of hard work he finally managed to launch a fully working method to get robux for free. He was very proud and kept it private for a couple of months.

In the next couple of months a lot of fake ways to get robux appeared. He did not like the fact that people were wasting their time, so, therefore, he finally decided to make it public. That’s basically how the powerful freerobuxguide.com website came to life.

Today it’s still being maintained by Adrian, and he loves doing it.

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