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Why did Roblox Remove Tix/Tickets?

When the Roblox platform was initially created, two forms of online currency were created, Tickets(now discontinued) and Robux. Robux became, essentially, the virtual dollars of the popular online world. Users can use Robux to buy games, clothes, gear and special abilities. Developers of games, equipment, and clothes earn Robux for their efforts, some raking in millions of dollars for their efforts.

Robux is Backed by Cash; Tickets Weren’t

Before the currency Tickets was discontinued, users were able to exchange tickets for Robux at an exchange rate of about one Robux for twenty tickets. Part of Roblox’s reasoning for suspending Tickets was due to fear that there would be saturation in the valuation of Robux, the game currency backed by cash. Tickets were given to users for checking in daily to their accounts. This lead some users to set up multiple accounts for Tickets that they could essentially turn into free cash.

Two Forms of Currency Confused Players

Roblox said they removed Tickets in part because they were confusing new users. The company believed that two forms of currency, especially one that was earned just by checking in, confused new players, or experienced players even more. Roblox does have a bit of a learning curve, as the idea of a whole world for you to create can be overwhelming for beginner players.  It’s in the company’s best interest to make the game easy enough to use that they recruit new players, but not so easy that current players get bored and move on to something else or back to something else like Minecraft.

Removing Tickets Eliminated Alternative Accounts

The second reason Roblox stated for removing Tickets is removing the Ticket bonus. Without the Tickets, it made sense that there wouldn’t be a Ticket bonus. The company said that this was beneficial so as to take the incentive away from users creating alternative accounts or whole hosts of them, something that has been a problem for the platform since its inception. Some in the community think the real reason was the company’s greed, though that’s up to debate. The Tickets could be exchanged for Robux; something backed with cash. If the company gave away something for free that could essentially be turned into money; then in a way, it was giving away money.

Specific Ticket Changes Roblox Enacted

The company had said that they do not want to incentivize users to log in daily. The following changes were enacted immediately, according to a post on the Roblox blog that said, “Developers will no longer receive Tickets on place visit, users will no longer get tickets for logging in, the price floor is lowered on shirts and pants to R$, first gifts appear in the catalog shortly.” The changes that would be enacted after 30 days were, the end of the currency exchange (difficult to do with just one), the end of selling items for Tickets, and the end of Tickets even being visible. Many wondered if the end of Roblox’s “free money” was a hint towards insolvency. The company said that they are, “profitable and will be hiring 40+ additional employees in 2016, 100% supported by our profits.”

Roblox Will Compensate with More Player Opportunities

The company has stated that they also intend to compensate the loss of tickets through more free clothing, achievements to reward players, and dropping the price floor in half. With Tickets gone that has left players with Robux, the supreme currency on the site. Robux can be exchanged for cash. The exchange rate is currently 100,000 R$ for $350. Robux has been used by developers to make millions. Roblox plans to pay out over 30 million dollars worth of Robux to developers this year alone. This is why we have come up with a method that allows you to get Robux for free. Check it out!

Reaction to the End of Tickets

Many in the community were shocked at the end of Tickets, with some even calling it an April Fool’s Joke, but Roblox was serious. While there has been much debate, there seem to be two sides. One side is that a company as popular and seemingly successful as Roblox with fifty-fix million users can afford to give away a little “free money.” The other argument is that Roblox is providing a service, one that, if you enjoy, you should pay for, though many on the site may not have access to their own money. Tickets provided base-users with a source of funds, and now that it’s being taken away, those users may think that Roblox doesn’t care about them at all. Roblox has countered that they’re building more free things for those users all the time and that their decision to end Tickets was much less about greed and much more about practicality. Whatever the real reason, the decision seems final. Tickets are forever no more.